Southern Wealth Management


At Southern Wealth, we believe that most 2am concerns and real problems in planning come from not having the ability to look at the whole picture. The result is that interconnected decisions are made on the basis of disconnected communication.



Once a body of work is complete, many planning models are built around quarterly or annual reviews. In contrast, we believe that once you create a plan, it can’t be effectively managed in stop/start cycles. Effective administration requires a high degree of continuous scrutiny.

Any given planning strategy may incorporate three to five planning disciplines. By nature of touching Seven Core Disciplines on a regular basis, a family’s planning receives the continuous attention it requires to help not only to stay the course but to thrive. Importantly, we designed our fee model in accordance with this mutual exchange of value. Because it’s dispersed throughout the year, we’re incented to remain both attentive and proactive on your behalf.



By nature of offering an integrated service set under one roof, we create the systems and manage the people who are touching your planning. As such, we control the checks and balances which allows us to catch crucial details.

Also, instead of having to corral multiple parties to schedule a meeting for next week or next month, we can walk down the hall and convene spontaneously. In a matter of minutes, your tax, investment, life insurance and planning professionals are in live conversation, alongside your bookkeeper and family office services support. The intellectual, financial and communication efficiencies are palpable.



In general, taxation is the largest expense for a family business.  Income and estate taxes can be the largest annual and life expense for an affluent family. Our approach is built on the premise that Tax Touches Everything. This means that prudent tax management is not an annual event.

In all of the planning we design, implement and administer on behalf of families and their companies, we are hyper-vigilant about tax implications and outcomes. Throughout each tax year, we continuously and proactively check for dangers we can pre-empt and opportunities we can maximize.



We pride ourselves on having unusually high tenure. In fact, many of our people have been with us from the inception of the firm. As a result, our entire team gets to know each family at great depth. We learn the anomalies of your wealth and the intricacies of your relationships in a manner that wouldn’t be possible without this tenure.

There’s an educational element to this as well. When the same team is working as a true team on your behalf, each member learns to notice details and trends outside of their own core area. They become adept at seeing how their own work can pre-empt or catalyze side effects and trade-offs in related disciplines.



In order to put a family’s assets to their highest and best use, planning entails just as much art as science. Too often, templated tools are used as cookie-cutter solutions for every family. Families aren’t aware that for any strategy, policy or document, there are subjective aspects to how the vehicles can be designed. These nuances allow common tools to align with your unique picture of success. For example, two different families could use the same core strategy, where one has a goal of maximizing assets to the kids and the other wishes to minimize inheritance.

The ongoing administration of your planning entails both art and science as well. For example, if a strategy requires an annual payment or contribution, we’re continuously looking ahead to see the best source and structure of that payment, based on what’s happening for the family, the business and the wealth today – not years ago when the strategy was deployed.