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M Financial Group

About M Financial Group

M Financial Group is an exclusive network of more than 155 member firms providing access to financial services designed specifically for affluent individuals and corporations. Many professional advisors are aware of the integrity, power and clout of M Financial Group. M Financial Group is an elite ownership pool of 155 independent firms around the country. These firms were founded to serve the needs of affluent clients and their longstanding professional advisors.


Affluent Families

For decades affluent families had to choose from financial vehicles that were built for the broader population. At the same time, statistics prove that affluent buyers make up a healthier pool of insured. Similarly, affluent investors may have a longer range vantage point for their invested assets – sometimes over many generations of their families.

M Financial designs, negotiates and provides exclusive distribution for a variety of financial vehicles developed specifically for affluent buyers. In fact, since 1997, M Financial Corporation has been providing affluent families with a portfolio of tools that are not available to the general marketplace.

M Financial’s insurance vehicles are designed in conjunction with highly rated, household name insurance companies. M Financial brings decades of actuarial and market research to the table to demonstrate their position that affluent buyers think and live differently. Importantly, advisors who are captive to the same insurance companies do not have access to M Financial’s exclusive suite of products.


Core Values

All M Financial member firms are independently owned entrepreneurial organizations. Each firm has chosen the challenge and accountability inherent to being completely independent, as opposed to the common model of affiliating with a captive insurance manufacturer.

Member firms are leaders in the financial services industry and in their local communities. They are a voice for consumers on a national and local level. They actively educate Congress and represent affluent families in lobbying for tax protection. These firms believe in giving back to the communities and industries that fostered their success.

M Financial was founded by a group of elite firms searching for a better business model. Now, with 155 hand-selected member firms around the United States, we have woven the fabric of collaboration, idea sharing, innovation and creativity. It’s akin to leadership with an abundance mentality.

Member firms believe that financial tools and strategies must be tended to over time. Across every firm, you’ll find a pervasive commitment to servicing planning long after the initial execution. This practice is crucial to helping protect a family’s multi-disciplinary work.